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RS 3.0 High End 9cm Mitteltöner
Rdc = 3.4 Ω / Fs = 100 Hz / Mms = 2.8 g / Bl = 3.4 Tm
Rms = 0.3 kg/s / Cms = 0.90 mm/N / Sd = 31 cm²
Qms = 5.86 / Qes = 0.52 / Qts = 0.48
Vas = 1.2 liters / SPL (2.83 V/1 m) = 89 dB
Bambus/Papiermembran, Neodymmagnet, Alugusskorb.
AD=92mm, ED=75,8mm, LK=6x3,3 auf 85,5mm, ET=34,9mm

Designing new a speaker is no easy task. Designing an entire series of speakers with the intent of redefining the reference for clarity and detail is even harder. After months of development, tooling and testing, ARC Audio proudly announces the new RS Series of component speakers. The Reference Series includes four brand new premium transducers, each designed with a no-holds-barred approach to sonic perfection.

In the same way that our Signature Edition amplifiers have set the benchmark for system amplification, RS Series speakers offer performance that brings out the subtleties and nuances of your music. When integrated into your system, instruments will sound more realistic, voices will sound more natural, and the sheer dynamics of your music will simultaneously impress and startle you. Designed for today's active DSP based aftermarket and OEM replacement systems the RS Series exemplifies the focus of quality and detail without having to mortgage your home to obtain it.

Available in matched raw sets only, the RS series is available in 3”, 4” and 6” platforms accompanied by an elegant cast audiophile tweeter. The RS1.0 Tweeter is the perfect complement to matching with the RS 4.0 or RS 6.0 for a stunning of revealing 2-way active component system. Bring the RS3.0 into the picture paired with the RS1.0 and the RS6.0 and you now have the tools to help create staging, imaging, and tonal properties capable of finest resolution possible in a vehicle.

The compact and yet sonically versatile RS 3.0 is a 3.0-inch midrange driver perfect for active 3-way systems where space is mounting applications are at a premium. With a 1.38-inch mounting depth, small format custom cast chassis design and precision designed components the RS3.0 is the perfect match when space restrictions are at an all-time high for any reference audio or competition audio system.

The RS3.0 features a hard-pressed composite woven papyrus damped paper design resulting is a low-mass speaker cone with exceptional strength and excellent damping characteristics for smooth and natural sound reproduction across an extremely wide band of frequencies making this a very wide band capable speaker. Papyrus was used in a wide variety of applications and products as far back as 3100 BC to create writing material and was adopted in mainstream manufacturing in audio components dating back to the late 70’s. The balance of strength and durability of the Papyrus plant pith make it optimal for this application. In the new RS-Series speaker cones, the Papyrus damps vibrations and adds rigidity uniformly. The cone is attached to the cast aluminum basket with a low shore low-dampened rubber surround for optimal longevity.|

Perhaps the most unique features of the RS 3.0 and RS 4.0 are their new dust caps. Long overlooked as a fundamental contributor to high-frequency distortion and in some cases inconsistencies in response at low frequencies. With these typical issues in mind, ARC Audio focused intently on eliminating the drawbacks of undamped dust caps without the need to forego effective cone area by resorting to a phase plug design. The new dust caps feature a semi-parabolic side profile that includes sharp vertical splines to add lateral rigidity. Effectively, these new dust caps remain non-resonant, even at high excursion levels and extreme frequencies. The new design exclusive to the ARC Audio RS drivers provides resonance control across the operating band typically plagued by traditional designs while balancing the low-frequency response below 400Hz to give installers and system DSP tuners an optimal starting point with a well desired natural free air response that works well with the inside of the vehicle.

The motor assembly of the RS 3.0 and RS 4.0 feature a shallow design that uses a high-strength neodymium slug to provide excellent efficiency without the need for deep mounting depth requirements while retaining superior control of the speaker. With small nuances of difference between the drivers, the RS 3.0 features a distortion and inductance reducing copper cap on top the motor assembly to improve upper midrange and high-frequency performance making this a true compact wideband driver. The RS 4.0 trades the copper slug for an integrated shorting ring to reduce distortion through midrange frequencies dramatically increasing balance and smoothness of the natural response inside of the vehicle. The voice coils of the RS drivers feature CCAW winding's that provide a low mass thermally compliant solution resulting in excellent dynamics and control with premium thermal properties. Both coils are secured on a non-conductive former that does not contribute to unwanted magnetic field creation and are tested in extensive repeated and increased power tests to verify power handling, reliability and thermal compliance of the overall speaker.


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